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STAYWELL Casual Letting Service Terms and Conditions


  • Sole Agent


We maintain a high level of professionalism at all times, offering a courteous solution for existing tenants, new applicants and landlords.

We do not wish to compete with other agents or agencies for advertising of the same property, therefore, if you choose to utilise our free service we ask for the sole letting authorisation for a minimum of 3 weeks. Then, if you do choose to go elsewhere you must pay on letting action performed for your property. We hope to create a trusting relationship where honest and frequent communication gets the best result quickly.

We reserve the right to withdraw our advertising and cancel this letting service at any time.


  • Privacy


The privacy of your contact details, personal information, property information and key security is important to us. We will not disclose or sell your customer data to any third party. We will only send you email newsletters if you explicitly opt in.

We will require your bank details to add to the tenancy agreement, once a tenant has been confirmed. This is for the purpose of having the banking details accessible to your tenant when they need it.


  • Communication


At Staywell Property Management, we prefer email conversation and we will communicate with “Agents on behalf of landlord” – This allows us to ensure all agreements are recorded and traceable.

We will give notice via phone or text when we need to access the property.

We will send email updates after the viewings with a breakdown of any applicants within 24 hours of each viewing – allowing for any late applications.

We will communicate directly with all applicants.

The reference checks will be performed immediately and the landlord will be updated immediately with the results. A credit check can then be performed and a brief description will be emailed to the landlord. We expect an emailed decision based on this information within 1 day.




Once the landlord has granted permission via written permission to accept the tenant’s application – the landlord has the obligation to fulfil that offer under Tenancy Law.

Should the landlord decide not to fulfil that obligation for any reasons or due to unforeseen circumstances;

A)the owner is liable for any fees to Staywell Property Management for services rendered. The fees will be followed up with debt collection if necessary.

B) The tenant will have rights to pursue costs etc at Tenancy Tribunal.

Please note the letting fee will also be charged to the landlord if the house is removed from the rental market prior to the minimum 3 weeks required by Staywell Property Management as the sole agent.


  • Once tenant has been accepted;


At this stage , we will then update the tenant , confirm by email with documents and instructions. We will ask the tenant for a reply immediately and to secure the arrangement with the Letting Fee, Bond and One week rent in advance as the initial deposit. Bond and one week rent in advance will then be transferred to the owner once full payment by the tenant has been confirmed.

Once the initial deposit is received, all relevant paperwork will be passed over by email to the owner. Staywell Property Management will then arrange a time with both landlord and tenant to sign the agreement and bond. We offer inspections at a reasonable cost.

If you are happy to employ Staywell Property Management and accept our terms and conditions send us an email below and we can get started today.

Auckland                   09-392 8898

  • Albany

  • Avondale

  • Dannemora

  • Greenlane

  • Hillcrest

  • Mt Eden

  • Newmarket

  • Orewa

  • Pukekohe

  • Sandringham

  • Titirangi

  • Wiuku

Hamilton          07-391 9898

Tauranga          07-282 8887

Wellington       04-595 1193

Christchurch   03-390 1226

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Level 26, PwC Tower
188 Quay St


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